A Tour of Southern Nevada

Posted on December 19, 2016 - Filed Under My Journeys

In spring of 2015, I decided to check out 4 photos I had hanging in the Nevada State Museum of Las Vegas (these photos are all in the Gallery on this website).

I hadn’t been to Las Vegas in many years, but I also wanted to visit, on the way there and back, some other Nevada-style sites. These include hiking the Cinder Cone in Clayton Valley near Silver Peak; Goldfield, Rhyolite and the Valley of Fire. It was a rush weekend.

The Nevada Museum in Las Vegas is surprisingly enjoyable. I spent more hours there than I planned. A very good museum, contemporary, flashy, and unlike the excellent traditional museum in Carson City. I would like to spend lots more time at the Valley of Fire.

These photos are a chronology of human and natural curiosities you will see by going south on Hwy 95 to Tonopah, Beatty and Las Vegas, looping east to Valley of Fire, north on Hwy 93 and then the Extra-Terrestrial Hwy back to Tonopah.

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